3.OA.1 TASK CARDS {Meaning of Multiplication}

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The goal of this bundle is to guide students to understand how multiplication and addition are related. The strategy of knowing that equal groups can be recored as either an addition equation or a multiplication equation will help them to understand the concept of multiplication.

This bundle contains 4 sets of
task cards and a related printable that can be used to document mastery of the skills. 

1) 3.OA.1 MEANING OF MULTIPLICATION CARDS SET 1: Students are provided with 3 expressions (example: 5 groups of 3; 3+3+3+3+3 and 5 X 3) and are asked to create an image to represent them.

2) 3.OA.1 MEANING OF MULTIPLICATION CARDS SET 2: Students are given a multiplication expression and are asked to draw a picture to represent it and find the product.

3) 3.OA.1 MEANING OF MULTIPLICATION CARDS SET 3: Students are shown an image of equal groups and are asked to write an addition equation and a multiplication sentence to represent it.

4) 3.OA.1 MEANING OF MULTIPLICATION CARDS SET 4: The students are provided an equation that shows repeated addition and are asked to write a related multiplication sentence.
5) A printable and a corresponding answer sheet for easy grading that can be used as a pre and/or post assessment, practice page, morning work or homework assignment. It includes questions that are just like the ones used in the 4 task card sets. I use it to document mastery.

This set is ideal for grades 2-3 as well as 4th grade review and for advanced 1st graders.


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