I’ve been on such a task card kick lately that I’ve decided to designate Tuesdays as “Task Card Tuesday” to spotlight all of the new cards we use in my classroom each week. They are the perfect complement to our Math Workshop Board and daily routines and the kids go nuts for them.
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Except that on Tuesday I decided I wanted to share my Valentine math activity so you would have to do it in your classrooms if you wanted to.

And then Wednesday slipped away.

And so alas I bring you "Task Card Tuesday"...on Thursday. :)

My students have been putting in a lot of effort towards mastering their multiplication and division facts. I use my Common Core  Checklist and Student I Can to track student progress so I find it very helpful to have a collection of activities to move them towards mastery and an assessment to document when they have arrived there. 

This week I focused on 3.OA.7 (also known as 3.OA.7.c) with the goal being to demonstrate an understanding of the multiplication and division fact families. I created four sets of cards and a printable that can be used as a pretest/post test, documentation of mastery, homework or simply a practice page. It also includes answer keys for all task card sets and the printable.

The sets are as follows:
1) 3.OA.7 FACT FAMILY CARDS SET 1: Students are provided with a multiplication or division equation and are asked to record an equation using the opposite operation.

2) 3.OA.7 FACT FAMILY CARDS SET 2: Students are given 3 out of 4 equations from a X / ÷ fact family and are asked to record the missing equation.

3) OA.7 FACT FAMILY CARDS SET 3: Students are shown 3 numbers (i.e. 6, 9, 54 or 3, 24, 8) and are asked to write the 4 equations related to that fact family.

4) 3.OA.7 FACT FAMILY CARDS SET 4: The students are provided with a multiplication and the related division equation and must identify the missing number that is represented by a symbol in each (i.e. 5 x ? = 30 and 30 ÷ 5 = ?)

Each set is sold individually and also groups together in a 3.OA.7 Cost-Saving 5 Product Bundle.


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