TASK CARD TUESDAY {Skill Review With a Winter Theme}

Me and my gallbladderless self had a lot of time to create things for the classroom during our 2 week hiatus from real life. 

And now that I'm back to work, I've been having fun watching my kiddos enjoy said creations. 
{click here to access and download these task cards}

My math workshop has been busy busy.  We've been working on area and perimeter and with the increased rigor of the Common Core, my small group teaching time has become even more important than ever before. 

And that means all of my third graders need to be engaged and independent when they are not working directly with me. The Math Workshop Routine has been outstanding and the use of task cards has been something purposeful that they all look forward to.

This week I had them work on different sets that reviewed skills such as addition and subtraction (with and without regrouping), word problems, time and money. They loved them and many asked to work on them as a recess choice.

Because we've had indoor recess for a gazillion and one days straight. Ahh...life in New England.
{click here to access and download these task cards}
I'm going to list each set individually as well, but for now I put 6 of them together as a "Winter Themed Bundle." They are less than $1.50 a set and literally take minutes to prepare. 

ALSO...just as an FYI...ALL of my task card creations can be easily viewed at a glance by visiting my TASK CARD PINTEREST BOARD

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