2D Geometry: Activities & Resources Aligned with the Common Core {1.G.1, 1.G.2, 2.G.1, 3.G.1}

I had an absolute blast teaching 2D Geometry to my third graders recently. It's a concept that lends itself to lots of hands on and creative projects. I was really impressed with how quickly they demonstrated proficiency in the Common Core standards, but also a bit bummed because I would have happily continued on with this for a lot longer. Alas, we are on to fractions (which is equally fun...corny pun intended).

To spice up the usual routines, I created a collection of materials, games, writing projects and craftivities. I'll be writing separate blog posts to showcase them throughout the week, but they are all listed in the table of contents below. 

This product includes games and activities that are quick and easy to prepare.

geometry 1.G.1 1.G.2 2.G.1 3.G.1 Common Core Math Polygons Shapes hands-on games activities crafts lessons resources materials printables

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