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The Night Before Easter is another one of Natasha Wing's spins on 'Twas the Night Before Christmas (I featured her St. Patrick's Day version last week). I like reading books with a familiar feel to kids. I ordered this from Scholastic for my son's first Easter and we still enjoy reading it each year around this time. The rhythmic language is appealing to little ones. The kids will have fun looking for the eggs on each page.

Oh Splat the Cat, how you make me smile. And I don't even like cats. :)
Where's the Easter Bunny? is an interactive book with lift-up flaps that will appeal to your younger students.  The book asks the readers questions which further engages them and they enjoy looking for the Easter Bunny hidden throughout.

My-oh-my I adore Jan Thomas' books (
Rhyming Dust Bunnies is my absolute favorite). The Easter Bunny's Assistant is way too fun! The Easter Bunny and his assistant skunk set out to explain how to make Easter Eggs...however, the excitement makes skunk do what it is that skunks do. This is marketed as a book for 2-5 year olds, but it is such a fun book to read to older kids and pair it with a process writing activity.

The Bad Easter Bunny is another good thematic book for older students. In this story, the Easter Bunny is feeling that the recipients of his gifts are not being appreciative.  This upsets him and causes him to get all kinds of mischievous. This book is a nice conversation started for a class discussion about gratitude.

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