I always feel the need to add in a disclaimer when I suggest anything that involves paint chip samples. If you ask the manager of Home Depot or Lowes they are typically more than happy to let you have all of the samples you want/need for anything school related. I've found HD in particular to be very generous with project supplies. Please ask before you take. :)

With that being said, I'm really happy with how my latest bulletin board turned out using the paint chips as the border. As I mentioned last week when I blogged about rainbow/color crafts and activities, I've been craving color lately! 

I had planned to make the cutie patootie leprechauns to display with my friends' St. Patrick's Day writing which meant the board would be really REALLY green. I made it colorful by using a bright blue background and the paint chips. I also added a shiny shamrock trim and some glittery and foam shamrocks from the Dollar Store. I had my kiddos write about being leprechauns, but you could use the templates and writing paper from my St. Patrick's Day writing packet for absolutely any prompt. It can be purchased individually or as part of the 6 Packet Bundle. And since March is underway, you may now be interested in the April/May 8 Packet Writing Packet Bundle...because if you are like me then you are not only craving color, but have spring on the brain...Big Time!

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