Organizing Large Sheets of Construction Paper

As you may have guessed, I'm kind of into classroom organization.

I like everything to have a place (and a label) and have developed some systems for organizing a classroom that I'm really happy with.

However, for years those 12 x 18 sheets of construction paper were my Kryptonite. A solution for keeping them neat and organized eluded me. The best I came up with was to store them in an empty desk. This worked to a point, but since the colors were all stacked I constantly found myself digging for them.
Finally, I decided enough was enough and that it was time to invest in something designed to do the job. Enter the Oversized Paper Sorter. At a cost of $27.50, I have found the purchase to be well worth the money. Mainly because the big sheets of paper, and their lack of a proper home in my classroom, annoyed me for so long, but also because it has proven to be a quality product (despite being made out of cardboard).

I ordered the product on a Thursday and it was waiting for me when I walked into my classroom the following Monday (via free shipping). I assumed it would be a hassle to assemble, but it went together easily in under 8 minutes. A few folds and a couple slides later it was done. It required nothing more. No tools. No adhesives. No cutting. Nothing! It was so quick and easy,

I was amazed at how sturdy it felt. I've been using it for a few months now and continue to be thrilled the product. As an added bonus, the entire unit slid onto a shelf in my closet so it is out of sight. I should mention that this is not a paid/sponsored post...just a product I bought and love and wanted to pass along.

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