Get Ready for the School Year: Classroom Decor, Design. Organization and Management Tips {Summer 2012 Recap}

The summer is the perfect time to plan ahead and prepare for the new school year at a leisurely and relaxed pace. Therefore, I've compiled some of my popular posts for getting ready for the new year. 

Also, for those who have asked, I have now uploaded all ten 3rd Grade Common Core Products to my store as well as the 2nd Grade Assessment and Data Collection Packet

And now on to my originally planned post...

Throughout the summer of 2012, I featured two daily blog series. The first was a tour of my classroom makeover and the other was a series of daily teacher tips and "flash freebies" from my teacher store

As I get ready to kick off the 2013 Summer of Teacher Tips and Freebies  I thought it would be a good time to create an organized recap from last year to reference. 

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Below you'll find:
  • a thumbnail glossary of my Classroom Makeover. {You can see my previous years' classrooms featured throughout my classroom themes and color schemes ideas page.}
  • a thumbnail glossary of the 2012 Clutter-Free Classroom Summer of Teacher Tips and Freebies
  • a written list directory of the 2012 Clutter-Free Classroom Summer of Teacher Tips and Freebies 
You may also find my post titled, "Be a Successful Teacher in the Fall by Planning Ahead Now" to be helpful as you prepare for the new school year.


2012 SUMMER OF TEACHER TIPS & FLASH FREEBIES RECAP {thumbnails followed by written list of post descriptions}

  • Tip #3 Teach your kids to play Find It Fix It and leave with a clean and organized classroom every single day.

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