A Cheap Alternative to Dry Erase Boards

Do you have a class set of dry erase boards?

They are perfect for keeping all your little friends engaged. 

  • I like to use them as a whole group and have students record and hold up answers. 
  • I like to use them in small group, reader rotations, and math workshop because they are more fun than paper.
  • I like to use them as scrap paper to save resources.

But, a class set of dry erase boards can be pricey.


You get creative and instead use plastic plates. At this time of year the kind I'm featuring are in abundance at places like Dollar Tree and Walmart. During other seasons Solo plates from party stores work too, but these are sturdier.

They come in a bunch of colors. I bought a set of orange because the markers contrast pretty well with that color and I can see my kiddos' work from afar.

I love how easy they wipe clean. If you have little learners, you'll find the edge of the plate is helpful as it contains the marker on the plate (said the mommy who has little ones who tend to color the paper and onto her table).

I also love how they are light and easy to store. The entire class sets stacks and takes up only a few inches of valuable classroom space which helps to keep the room neat and organized.

What do you use dry erase boards for in your classroom?

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