Bet You Didn't Know You Needed This: A Mini-Series {Magnetic Markers}

I know we are in the age of Smartboards and such, but I still use my dry erase board regularly.

And when it comes to using the dry erase boards I adore these markers!!
  • Look at the colors!!! Aqua? Hot Pink? Me likey!
  • They are magnetic.  They stick to the board people (and yes as one who teaches Magnetism as a science unit I do know magnets don't "stick" and the correct word is "attract," but attract didn't work in the sentence.
  • They are 2 in 1 markers. This is especially useful for visually organizing what you are writing. Simply flip the marker over in your hand and you have an entirely different marker to write with.
  • These are the BEST to use for writing on my Must Do May Do Board because I can record the different subjects in varying colors.
The official name is Board Dudes Double-Sided Magnetic Dry Erase Markers, Assorted Colors 4-Pack.  I buy them at Target, but the link above will take you to Amazon where you can also order them.

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