Bet You Didn't Know You Needed This: A Mini-Series {Foam Brushes}

Today I am here to share my love of "the foam paintbrush."

Have you used these before? I love them for me and I also love them for my students.

Let's start with me. :)

When I am preparing my classroom for the new year I like to get my craft on. While I used to do a major classroom theme each year (beach, camping, Hollywood, detective/mystery, western and jungle to name a few...If you are considering a theme for next year be sure to check out my theme page.  I have over 35 themes featured), I switched over to a classroom color scheme a few years ago. In addition to the printable materials I make for my classroom, I also go to town with ribbon and scrapbook paper and other crafty items.

When I do, these brushes are my BFF.

First and foremost they are crazy cheap. They are often on sale at AC Moore for $0.10 each (with the 15% teacher discount on top of that). They are a great size for both big and small projects. The shape of the tip makes it easy to get into little spots. It helps get paint on evenly. And my most favorite thing is using it for Modge Podge projects.

The students use them for painting projects. They are really good for scenery and larger scale items. The handle helps with fine motor and keeping little hands clean. 

If you follow me on Instagram you may have seen my son using one of these while painting cardboard frames for a gallery wall in my room. I'm excited to show you the finished wall next week.

They wash easily.  Admittedly, I've also been known to toss them after using them (depending on the project).

Have you used these brushes before?

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