Bet You Didn't Know You Needed This: A Mini Series {Pinking Shears}

While setting up my classroom for the new school year, I realized I have often use some tools in the classroom, that were not necessarily intended for teachers. However, they rock as teach tools so I'm going to feature them over the next few days. I'm calling it the "Bet You Didn't Know" Series:

Many moons ago I switched from using those rolls of paper to cover my bulletin boards to fabric. I highly recommend fabric because...
  • there are more options for colors and patterns
  • it's easier to work with
  • it can be cheaper (tip: use twin size bed sheets-Walmart sells flat sheets by themselves)
  • it doesn't get those crazy paper creases 
  • you can iron any creases that do show up
  • it doesn't tear
  • staples can be removed without leaving visible holes
  • it rarely fades
  • it looks great year after year
  • it can be folded neatly to store
I had always used my classroom scissors to cut the fabric. They worked, but sometimes it was a struggle and I have been known to need to patch a side or corner because I became impatient and tried to slide them up the fabric. I don't sew, but I own Pinking Shears because they are great for craft projects. I had brought them into school to cut some ribbon and decided to use them on some fabric I was hanging on a bulletin board. It was a "why didn't I think of that before" moment. 
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They cut quickly and neatly and leave a fun zigzag border.

Speaking of hanging fabric on a bulletin board, here are my tips.

Step #1 
Hang it before cutting it. If the fabric has a brighter side and a faded side, put the brighter side facing the board. Start in the top corner and align the corner of your fabric with the corner of the board. Put in a staple or push pin to secure it.

Step #2 
While smoothing it out with one hand add another staple/pin a few inches over on the top and a few inches down on the side. Continue to smooth and pull diagonally while attaching it on the top and side. Add a few staples/pins down the other side and along the bottom.

Step #3
Use chalk or a pencil to draw lines down the opposite side you started with an along the bottom.

At this point you can remove the entire piece of fabric to cut it or just remove the staples/pins along the sides with the line and cut it while it's still attached to the wall. With the Pinking Shears this is an easy option.

and my 2012 Welcome Back to School Board

Which I later added these pictures to. . .

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