Document Student Writing Progress with a Writing Portfolio Binder {Freebie}

I've reached the half way point of summer vacation.

Or maybe even the more than half way point.

I'm afraid to actually count.

And while I've been loving days of  beach, pool, and lake blurring together, I have declared this "Get 'er Done Week." My kids are all at camp each morning and Hubby and I are at home with big plans to 
cross a bazillion and one things off a very lengthy to do list.

I spent the bulk of the weekend and today putting the finishing touches on something I am VERY excited to show you tomorrow.  In the meantime. . . 

A reader had kindly asked if I would create an additional publishing page and add it to the Narrative of the Week Packet for multi-paragraph writing. In true "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" fashion I added the page, but felt it needed the title and clipart. So I ended up making 37 new pages for both the Narrative and the Opinion Packets.

If you already purchased either packet, you can simply redownload to access the new pages.

If you are interested in both products, they are available individually or as part of a discounted bundle.

I started think about the year and was getting excited about using these to show the students' growth over time I realized I needed a method for keeping their work organized.

So I made binder covers, spine inserts, and tabs to create Writer's Portfolios.

And now I'm sharing them with you. :)

{Click to Access and Download: Writing Portfolio Binder Printables

These were designed to be slid into a 3-ring binder, but you could also attach the covers to pronged folders.

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