Managing School Library Books {Organizing System, Renewal Bookmarks, Printables}

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 Does your school have a library for student use? It’s important to help students be responsible when it comes to borrowing books and, like all aspects of your classroom, you’ll want to develop a procedure for returning and renewing those books. This was something that was lacking in my classroom

Typically, my kids would bring their books back on our “library day” and pile them onto the back counter. Two students were assigned the task of bringing them down to the library to be checked back in. Several friends would want to renew their books so they would write their names and the word “renew” on a Post-It Note and stick it on the cover. They often fell off.

I knew I needed a better procedure so I created some printables to use next year.
I made a sign which I printed in color, double-mounted, and laminated. I then used my corner rounder to give it a finished look. Next, I punched 2 holes on each side, threaded ribbon through them and tied it to a milk crate. This will be where the students place their books that are ready to be returned or renewed from the library. 

In place of the sticky note, I made “renewal bookmarks.” I printed them onto cardstock and laminated them. The students can write their number with a dry erase marker directly onto a bookmark and put it into the book to signal it needs to be renewed.
I used a Pringles can to store the renewal bookmarks in. I love repurposing containers to create cheap, yet cute items for the classroom. I selected a piece of construction paper that matches my classroom color scheme to cover the can. 

A simple trick I discovered to make this process easier is to wrap the paper around the can and secure it with elastics and/or binder clips. I leave it like this overnight and the paper adheres much better as it holds the shape of the can.

Because the renewal bookmarks are a bit shorter than the can I needed to get creative. Simply stuffing the bottom of the can with some construction paper provided the perfect lift. Now the bookmarks stick up over the edge of the can and are easily seen.

The Managing School Library Packet includes a color and a blackline design version of the sign that hangs on the basket. It also includes the renewal bookmarks. 


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