A Personal Laminator {Bet You Didn't Know You Needed This}

Back in June I wrote a mini-series titled, "Bet You Didn't Know You Needed This." Over the course of that week I shared some of my favorite tools from the classroom. As I get ready for the new year I've realized I have oh-so-many other little "classroom props" that make my life easier and/or make me smile big and I just can't help but share. Therefore I'm thinking these posts will pop up from time to time.

I've received a lot of emails lately asking me about lamination so I thought it would be a good idea to reshare one of my classroom loves...

Why I love it:

  • It's small and light which means I can actually carry it back and forth to school in my teacher bag (although I think for the price...and considering the amount of laminating I plan to do this year because of all the new Common Core materials and task cards I'll be adding to my classroom...I'll probably just order a second one to leave at school).
  • The lamination is super sturdy.It doesn't bend or bubble.
  • Almost everything I laminate is 8.5 x 11 or smaller anyhow. With the exception of my Common Core Math Vocabulary Cards which will be displayed AND handled frequently, I'm not a fan of laminating things that will hang on the wall. I have high ceilings and the glare from the lights makes it hard to see items that have been laminated. I mainly laminate game cards and small resource charts.
  • It's safe to use. My kids can use it.
  • I'm impatient. I want my things all glossy and shiny the moment they shoot out of the printer. I love having the ability to pull them out of one contraption and into the next so that I can check the project off of my to do list....or better yet, have my 8 year old son do it for me because it really is that easy to use.
Why You Might Love It:

  • Parent volunteers can help you with tasks. Because it is small and light you could send it home with a student for his/her mom or dad to use to help you prepare classroom materials.
  • A lot of schools either don't have a laminator or have strict guidelines to using it. 
  • I find it saves money in the long run. If you are investing the time and money to print materials in color onto card stock, it makes sense to go the extra step to prevent them from being damages.

 {original post from last year...}
A Friend of the Clutter-Free Classroom Facebook Fan Page asked me to recommend a personal laminator. Since I LOVE mine I figured I would post about it. :)

At home I use the Scotch Thermal Laminator 2 Roller System (TL901) and highly recommend it. It's incredibly low cost (around $30.00), lightweight and small (so I can take it to school if I want to laminate during prep) and quality of the laminated product is excellent.

I owned a different laminator years ago. It needed a cardboard sleeve to prevent the laminating pouch from melting. I didn't care for that one at all.

I've had this one for several years now and have laminated hundreds of things with it. It will laminate up to 5ml, but I always just use Scotch Thermal Pouches 8.9 x 11.4 Inches, 100-Pack (TP3854-100) and find them to be very thick and study, but still easy enough to cut through when cutting out games for math workshop.

This is the laminator and sheets I use. {Click on the pics to read more about them on Amazon.}

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