Kicking Off Back to School Month {Classroom Management: Procedures and Routines}

It's August. 

That means it's Back to School Month here on the blog. For the next few weeks I'll be showing you the new things I'll be adding to my own classroom as I get ready for the new year along with sharing classroom management tips. To kick things off I wanted to revisit what I feel is the most important part of classroom management...planning procedures and routines for all things classroom related. 

And with that being said I am so excited to announce that I have updated one of my top-selling products so that it is now EDITABLE!!!!  I also added a bunch of new printables to the original packet. If you already purchased this packet in the past be sure to download it again to get all the extra goodies. :)

Seriously friends, today's Teacher Tip trumps all others.

I honestly feel it is the most important thing teachers need to do in order to create the best, most-effective, learning environment that they possible can. I love classroom organization. I adore classroom decor. But, if you don't have a solid plan for how you will consistently run your classroom the rest is moot.

Being able to successfully manage a classroom comes down to two things: planning and consistency. You need to have very clear expectations and a solid foundation for how you want your room to run. That's not to say you won't make changes and tweak things along the way, but you need to go into the year having thought through each and every aspect of a school day. 
  • You need to list out all of the procedures and routines that apply to your teaching situation.
  • You need to create a detailed expectation for each of them.
  • You need to teach them to the students and you need to communicate them to other adults that will be working in your classroom.

I do this by writing a "Classroom Expectations and Routines Manual."  I created a binder that houses every nitty, gritty detail for myself and for my classroom aide. I then cut and pasted from that document to create a smaller manual for the students and parents to access and an additional version that I leave with my substitute teacher plans.

This allows me to have all players on the same page. It provides a sense of security and safety for the students because they know exactly what to expect and when to expect it. It establishes a framework to our day so that the classroom runs itself and zero time is wasted with the issues that arise from downtime and inconsistency. 

So it is with great excitement that I share with you my new, updated Teaching Procedures & Routines Packet which as of 8.1.13 now includes the additional printables and editable files shown at the top of this blog post along with everything pictured below. 
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It includes over 150 routines and procedures so that you don't overlook a single, itty bitty thing when planning for how your classroom will run. The packet will provide you with a pacing calendar for pacing and teaching the routines, planning sheets to detail out how you envision each procedure in your classroom, 3 different styles of covers for your manual with matching stationary to print onto. It includes my tried and true method for teaching any and all procedures in just a few easy steps and details on how to create your manual.

I have made a video to further explain the process of planning your procedures and routines which I think you'll find helpful.'s FLASH FREEBIE includes some of the pages from the packet to get you started brainstorming, pacing and creating your own manual.  It can be downloaded here at no cost.

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