Kakooma: Engaging Math Fact Practice {Friday "Appy" Hour"}

I'm starting something new here on the blog.

Each and every Friday I will be showcasing a website or app that I think you will either love using in your classroom or that will make your teaching life easier.

I'm calling the new series, "Friday 'Appy' Hour" and kicking it off with a site I've been using in my classroom for the past two weeks that has been met with great enthusiasm from my students.

It was created by math guru Greg Tang {you can see all of his awesome children's math literature books at the bottom of this post}.

It's called Kakooma (although I admit that for the life of me I can never remember that name..kazooma? kookoma?), it was created by Greg Tang and it is awesome.

You can use it to practice addition, negative numbers, multiplication and fractions which means there is something for everyone. Also, it has a variety of levels within each area to enable you to easily differentiate for varied abilities.

Below are two screen shots from the addition version showing the simplest and most complicated options for the puzzles.

In the image above, the goal is to determine which two numbers from the bold box are the addends and which is the sum. Upon clicking on the sum, the box will be filled with just that number and you'll move on to the next box. After solving all four individual puzzles you will then use the large numbers in the 4 boxes to find the addends and sum of those.

The timer in the upper right hand corner ends when the puzzle is complete. If student put in a wrong answer (or just try guessing) additional time is added on.

We use this on the Smartboard during Math Workshop and even have an ongoing challenge with a top time to beat. It can be played on the website or you can buy an app for the iPad.

Another great thing about this site is that the materials tab includes printable versions of the puzzle. That means you have a super easy way to offer some enrichment and challenge to your students who need a little of that. :)

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