More Rounding Ideas & Activities {Common Core 3.NBT.1 and 4.NBT.3}

As I mentioned in a recent blog post, I teach my students to round using a number line. This year I introduced it in a new way. Over the summer I read Teach Like a PIRATE . One thing that stuck with me from that book was a part where the author suggested we ask ourselves where the best place to teach a lesson would be. Getting out of our typical four walls and taking a lesson elsewhere is proving to make it more effective.
For this lesson I teamed up with my teaching partner and put our two classes together. I walked them through a rounding power point presentation I had created this summer. And then the real fun began.
We went outside and drew a large number line with sidewalk chalk. We labeled it with multiples of 10 up to 100. Next we had students identify where a specific number would be on the line. They would stand on the spot where the number would be so we could all see which multiple of ten it was closer to. 
It was an engaging activity and provided an outstanding visual. I love lessons that are memorable because it gives the kids something to reference. I had assumed that this would be an introductory lesson and we would need to plan additional minilessons to continue to teach the concept, but the majority of the students demonstrated proficiency while playing the different games that are included in my Rounding Packet and on the second assessment that we used to monitor their progress. I formed a small guided math group to work with those who needed additional interventions to master the concept.  In a few weeks I’ll include a pumpkin rounding task card activity into the math workshop rotations and the students will continue to practice the skill throughout the year as part of our Today’s Number routine, but overall I am feeling really confident in their skills.

Last fall I created a packet that I used during my Math Workshop Rotations / Guided Math Groups that incorporated a pumpkin theme to make it all that more engaging during the month of October.  At the time I also wrote a blog post explaining how to teach rounding using a number line. {You can view that post here}

While I will certainly be using my Pumpkin Rounding Center again this year, I also wanted to have a collection of Rounding Activities and Games that I could use not only at this time of year when I introduce rounding, but also throughout the remainder of the school year as part of my spiral review.
{Click to Access and Download: Rounding Games and Activities by Clutter-Free Classroom}

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