If you are like me you are dreaming of warmer days and the return of outdoor recess. In preparation for when that day finally comes, today’s post will focus on storing outdoor recess materials.

Your outdoor recess equiptment will vary depending on your school rules and how much outdoor space your school has available. Here are some storage solutions for some commonly used recess items.
Perhaps you could write a DonorsChoose request, grant or
ask your PTA to fund something like this.
Plastic laundry baskets are a great option for holding larger items like balls. I like them because you can easily stack multiple baskets into each other when not in use. Also, because recess items have a tendency to get dirty it is nice to have a container that can be hosed down or wiped easily.

Smaller baskets with handles work well for jump ropes. The handle makes it easier for students to carry it to and from the playground.

If your creative friends enjoy using sidewalk chalk you’ll want to store that in a container that has a lit. This will keep moisture out which will preserve the chalk and also prevent chalk dust from taking over your classroom.

If students bring balls from home I have them keep them with their coats and other personal belongings until recess. It’s important to encourage them to write their names on them with a permanent marker. 


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