Do you have a good system for storing office supplies in your classroom? Get tips and tricks for solutions to any problems you have with this here.
In order to be a teacher, you must be born with an abnormal love of office supplies. It’s basically required. What is it about an unopened package of Sharpies or multi-colored Post-It Notes that makes us swoon?  The problem that arises with this love of office supplies is where to store them.  There is good news!  There are solutions to your problems!

This blog post will…

  • share how to store office supplies in your classroom in an organized way
  • offer tips and strategies for organizing and managing all of your office supply must-haves
  • provide multiple organization systems so you can find what works best for you

Before we begin:

Solutions for Everyday Teaching Supplies

  1. First Step: Determine which supplies you actually need to have at your fingertips. Those are the ones you use throughout the day... every single day (pens, pencils, markers, clear tape, staples, a stapler, sticky notes, correction fluid, paper clips, binder clips, etc.)
  2. Second Step: Everyday supplies need to be stored in a manner that will allow you to quickly and easily access them. Unless I am using my teacher computer, I’m typically not at my desk. Even when the kids aren’t in the classroom, I prefer to work at a table. Therefore, I found it very helpful to create a portable supply caddy that houses all of those items I use on a regular basis. I like being able to move it around the room with me or even take it up to the copy room if I’m working there.

Solutions for Overstock Supplies

  1. Storage Option 1: Transform plastic drawers designed for sorting small hardware into an office supply station. You can get all kinds of fancy with spray paint, Washi tape, scrapbook paper and labels or you can simply purchase a set of drawers and use them as is. They are a great way to store all of those little supplies like brads, tacks, clips, and more.
  2. Storage Option 2: Use small containers to house extra supplies and store them in a deeper desk drawer or a larger bin out of sight.
  3. Storage Option 3:  “Upcycling” containers that are the same size and shape create a much more organized appearance than storing all the supplies in their original packaging. It also allows you to merge several packages together. Some containers work really well for this purpose (Crystal Lite, baby food, baby wipes, etc.).
  4. Storage Option 4: You could invest in rolling carts or storage units.
  5. Storage Option 5: You could also purchase small baskets, food storage containers, pencil boxes, photo storage boxes, and plastic shoe boxes.



Do you have a good system for storing office supplies in your classroom? Get tips and tricks for solutions to any problems you have with this here.
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