Organizing and Managing Text Books & Basal Texts in the Classroom {organization, photos, tips, ideas}

Granted we don’t have a lot of text books at the elementary level, but most of us have some. I have a two reading books for each student, a social studies book, and a math reference book. I also have a set of dictionaries and thesauruses (on a sidenote I think the plural may actually be thesauri, but that just feels weird).

Because I use tables in place of desks I needed to come up with a storage solution for these books. Today I am going to share tips and ideas for managing text books in the classroom.

If your students use desks then you could have them keep the books in there. The benefit is that they can take them out relatively quickly. The downside is that it often means books become damaged over time. Even if you do have desks, you may want to store your books in a separate area.

I keep the social studies books together as a class set. When we need to use them I ask the table captains to go and get enough copies for their tables.

Some teachers find it works better for them to store all the books for one student together on a shelf. In my case this would mean the two reading books, a social studies book and a math book would be clustered together and form a continuing pattern. I choose not to do it this way because I find grouping the like books together is much more efficient when it comes time to pass out and return the books.

My reading curriculum comes with two books per student for the year. I have a set of very deep shelves and have found the perfect way to store these is to keep the current text in a row in the front and the book that isn’t being used in a second row behind them.

If you don’t have a deep shelf you may choose to put any unused books into storage in a closet or on a higher shelf that students don’t access.


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