This post is part of my 20 day "Organizing and Managing Paper in the Classroom" Series. Today I am going to share tips and ideas for storing and organizing the papers that you access and reference frequently.

Most papers can be viewed and then the information can be added to your calendar or filed away. However, there are some papers that we find ourselves referencing often. Some examples would include master school schedules, phone extensions, the monthly school calendar or lunch menu, etc.

If you have a teacher binder you can add a tabbed section for frequently accessed pages.

You could invest in a commercially made flip organizer. Many of these are magnetic and would attach to your desk.

Some teachers create a small bulletin board for their own use next to their workspace. This would be a good place to display these papers.

Here’s what I do:

I use a photocopier to reduce the size of the phone extension list and keep the smaller copy taped to the desktop under the phone.

I keep a digital copy of the master schedule for the school on my computer in a file with my lesson plans and a hard copy in my teacher binder.

I hang the school calendar and monthly lunch menu on a display in my classroom that also includes our calendar. It is next to the clipboard where the students order lunch so it makes sense for my to keep it all together.

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