HOW TO ORGANIZE PAPER and CARDSTOCK (Paper Organization Series)

Last year I posted about how I finally caved and bought a sorter for oversized construction paper. I was pretty giddy about it at the time and I am happy to report that it has lived up to the hype. The purchase came after years of experimenting with a variety of options and not loving any of them. I highly suggest you get one of these Classroom Construction Paper Storage Systems . The quality is excellent for the price and it has really served it’s purpose of neatly storing all of my large papers in a manner that keeps them looking great and easy to get what I need.

As for the smaller papers...

If you have space for the footprint you could get a separate literature sorter for your other construction papers and card stock. However, my recommendation prior to doing that would be to use those for unfinished work boxes and student mailboxes.

A hanging file crate or an actual filing cabinet with colored tabs allows for paper to be stored in an organized manner. Keeping it in a dark place will help prevent fading.

Depending on how much you are housing, you could also use a basket with dividers.
Literature sorters allow you to sort papers easily. There are lots of products similar to this that are created for scrapbookers that have dividers that fit within these containers. You can often find them at craft stores like AC Moore and Michaels with 40% off coupons that can be combined with teacher discount cards.

Some people create storage using wire racks.

In the past I have used an extra desk in the classroom to hold the paper that I stacked by color. It kept it out of sight, but it wasn’t easy to find what I needed and papers were often bent from my digging to the bottom of the pile.

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