Organizing Meeting Notes & Agendas {Paper Organization in the Classroom}

This post is part of my 20 day "Organizing and Managing Paper in the Classroom" Series. Today I am going to share tips and ideas for storing and organizing the agendas and your notes from meetings along with memos.

We sure do attend a lot of meetings don’t we?

If you have an all-in-one teacher organizing binder then you may want to just be sure you’ve included a section for meetings.

You may also prefer to develop a separate system for keeping your meeting notes organized.

In the past I used a binder. I liked the organization of the separate sections and the ability to add 3-hole punched papers to it. However, it seemed a bit too bulky for its purpose. I found that using a pocket folder met my needs in the same way a binder did, but took up far less room in my bag.

You could start by listing all of the different meetings you attend. Some suggestions include: staff/faculty meetings, student study team meetings, grade-level planning meeting sessions, special committees, data meetings, etc. 


You could just keep them all in one section (and perhaps use a different color pen for different types of meetings).

You’ll also want to include a section for “other.”
For each section create a tab and include paper for meeting notes. You might also want to include an empty page protector that you can slide agendas and other handouts into.

Include simple calendar pages for easy reference on dates.  I typically jot things down that are related to future meetings and follow-ups and then add them to my master calendar afterwards.

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