Tips for Teaching Fractions {Common Core Math 3.NF.1, 3.NF.2 3.NF.3 4.NF.1}

Those of you who follow me on Instagram know that I've been enjoying a sunny and warm week on the Gulf Coast of Florida. But, all good things must come to an end and I'm headed back to reality later today. That means I also need to shift gears back into teacher mode. On Monday I'll be kicking off our study of fractions. I'm really looking forward to repeating the awesome activities we did last year since the kids really had a lot of fun with them. Below is a rerun of how I taught fractions.

This packet took forever and a day to put together. But, it was so much fun to use. My kiddos not only really enjoyed the unit, but really because proficient in the Common Core Standards related to fractions so every minute was worth it.

I use the Investigations Math Curriculum by TERC, but with the rigor of the Common Core I found I needed to create some supplemental materials to meet the requirements of the Common Core Standards. The materials I created are all available in my Fractions Packet along with a teaching plan and explanations of each of the projects, games and activities (complete with photos).

While these materials and activities are a great addition to the Investigations Curriculum, you don’t need to be teaching that curriculum to use them, In fact, the packet includes everything you need for a COMPLETE 2-week unit on fractions without any additional math program

The photos below will show you just “a fraction” of what is included in the packet...yeah, I crack myself up. :)

I have some more activities to share from the packet in the days to come...including one of the cutest bulletin boards I’ve ever done. Spoiler Alert: It involves mustaches! Stay tuned.

Also, be sure to check out my FRACTION FREEBIE inspired by the book Picture Pie by Ed Emberly.

If you are looking for additional fraction activities and ideas be sure to check out my Math Camp Packet that was designed to be used as a fun test review or end of the year review (or I suppose start of the year review) for grades 2-4.

You may also be interested in my many Common Core Math Products for grades 2-4 ESPECIALLY my favorite the super-easy to use Math Assessment Packets. I use these constantly to monitor my students' progress and plan interventions to move them to proficiency.



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