Day2: Put Things Back Where They Belong-Spring Cleaning in the Classroom {A Mini-Series to Spruce-Up, Clean-Up, and Freshen-Up Your Space}

Today's Classroom Spring Cleaning task is to put things where they belong.

Once again the goal is to only spend 15-20 minutes at the most to complete this task and I recommend setting a timer to keep you focused and on task. 

I also suggest that you make the job efficient by enlisting the help of a couple of "runners" to move things along quickly. Make arrangements to have some reliable students come in early, stay after school for a bit or even stay in and give you a hand a recess. They will be honored to help and it will allow you to get the job done fast.

Pick a corner of the room to start with and move clockwise around the perimeter until you return to your starting point. This time your task is to take anything that is out of place and move it to its designated space in the classroom. 

As you find something that needs to be relocated hand it to a runner and have them return it to the proper location. Once you have made it around the room you can work on the areas in the middle. If you have extra time and eager helpers you could ask them to assist in the following:
  • organize bins of manipulatives, art materials, and classroom supplies
  • test markers/highlighters and discard of any that are dry 
  • check glue sticks and toss the ones that are no longer usable or missing caps
  • sharpen color pencils in community bins
Now that you have put everything back into place be sure to maintain the organization by playing Find It and Fix It with your class each afternoon.

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