Day 3: Repair Damaged & Worn Items-Spring Cleaning in the Classroom {A Mini-Series to Spruce-Up, Clean-Up, and Freshen-Up Your Space}

This next Classroom Spring Cleaning task is actually going to be spread out over two days (with a weekend in the middle to gather anything you need) to complete the job.

Today we are going to start addressing the areas of the classroom that looked so great on the first day of school, but have started to look a bit tattered and torn as the year has progressed. 

Set your timer for 15-20 minutes.

Grab a piece of paper and something to write with and have a seat in the middle of your classroom. Divide your paper into three columns and label them as: Repair / Replace / Gather. 

Just like on days 1 and 2 we are going to start in one corner of the room. The difference is that today you are going to travel visually around your room instead of physically. As you look around your room identify items that could use a little TLC. Be on the lookout for:
As you identify these things categorize them in one of the columns on your paper and jot down what your want to repair or replace as well as anything you may want to gather to complete the job (tape, new bulletin board border, etc).

If you still have time you can remove the items that you plan to take down or take care of quick fixes (i.e. restaple a falling item or straighten a crooked poster).

Otherwise tuck your paper into your purse and head out the door (TGIF after all). Plan to gather anything you need to make your repairs or replace worn items on Monday while you are out running errands this weekend.  

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