Today I am going to share tips and ideas for managing forms, permission slips and money.

While most permission slips require and actual pen and paper signature, there are many forms that can be completed digitally. This is especially true if you send home monthly book orders. Taking advantage of their online ordering process has many benefits including more free books for the classroom and not needing to actually handle the money or order forms. Whenever possible replace an actual paper form with a digital option.

For those items that do require you to send and receive paperwork and money here are some tips that work for me.

Prior to sending home the forms I take a minute to write each student’s number in the upper right hand corner. This serves two purposes: it allows me to easily order the papers to see who is missing one and proactively takes care of any forms that may come in without a student name and a squiggle of a parent signature that would require a handwriting expert to decipher.

If I am collecting money I attach an envelope or zipper baggy that is also labeled with the students’ names or numbers. This really helps to prevent the need to do detective work to match a rogue $5.00 bill with a permission slip.

Use a large envelope to collect forms and money. Preprint a class list along with the items you are expecting the students to return and attach it to the cover. As they begin bringing them back to school you can highlight their name on the cover and store it inside.

Be sure to have a secure place to store the money you are collecting. If it goes missing from your classroom you will most likely be responsible for it.

If you do send home book club forms you might want to consider doing so as a grade level. The bonus points tend to increase based on the amount of sales you have which will get you more books for the classrooms. Also, you can alternate the responsibility of handling the orders which can be quite time consuming.


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