Day:1 Purge Surface Clutter Spring Cleaning in the Classroom {A Mini-Series to Spruce-Up, Clean-Up, and Freshen-Up Your Space}

Do you want to know the absolute easiest way to get and stay organized? Get rid of anything you do not need. In addition to my Clutter-Free Classroom Guide, I’ve also written several blog posts about purging and decluttering your classroom and even have several free products available to help you with completely decluttering your classroom.

However, for the purpose of spring cleaning we’re simply going to tackle the surface clutter. While I do encourage you to tackle your classroom as a whole for a take no mercy purging session at some point, the point of the spring cleaning series is to take only 20(ish) minutes a day to rejuvenate your space.

Today we are going to fill a trash bag and/or recycling bin with anything that can be removed from the area. 

  • Pick a corner. Any corner will do. 

  • Set a timer for 15-20 minutes.

  • Moving as quickly as possible, travel in a clockwise direction around the perimeter of your classroom and discard of anything and everything that does not need to be there. You do not need to open any closets, drawers or cupboards. Simply go after the surface clutter you see on tables, counters and open-shelves. 

  • If things are broken, torn or worn make a fast decision on if you can repair it, if you will replace it, or if it is no longer needed. If it is one of the last two options then I recommend getting rid of the damaged item as you make your initial rotation around the classroom.

  • Once you have made it all the way around and back to your starting point head to the center of the room and continue filling your bag or recycling bin with anything else you see that you can part with.

Do not get distracted by things that you want to keep but are out of place. We’ll deal with them tomorrow. 


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