A Binder to Increase Interest in Books During Reader's Workshop {Clutter-Free Classroom's Clever Tips for Teachers} Tip #2

Are you looking for an easy way to get kids interested in books? I've noticed that my students are always eager to read books during our reader's workshop based on their peers suggestions, but don't always have time to do book talks or write reviews. I loved this idea when I saw it in the children's section of my local public library (one of my favorite places).

The librarians printed the covers and brief summaries of a collection of books and placed them into a binder. They also added a rating scale on each page. After reading a book, the child can add a star in one of the rows (ranging from 1-5) to show how much they liked it.

This is a great addition to a classroom where the readers are around the same reading level and often share the same interests. When using it in the classroom I suggest using small round stickers that the students can write their numbers on to show who rated each book and what rating they gave it.

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