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As part of my classroom makeover for the new school year, I added some new pizazz to my classroom door. It is such a simple touch and super easy to do, but is a detail that helps give your classroom a more finished look and helps to enhance your classroom theme and color scheme.
{My friend Jill's classroom door...check out her TPT Store for Upper Elementary}

In addition to traditional bulletin board trim you can also use duct tape, ribbon or streamers. 

If you have a metal door frame you will find that duct tape attaches well and removes easily without damaging the surface at all.  My door frames are maroon which clash with everything else in the room. I used black tape on my frames and love the consistency in the color throughout the room.

Another option is to attach magnets to the border or ribbons using a hot glue gun.

{Also shown in the picture: Hand Signals for Classroom Management}

In the past I have covered the entire door with fadeless paper, but I feel like this adds just enough “something” extra without the hassle of decorating the entire door.

Do you decorate your classroom door?

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