How to Organize and Manage Math Workshop with Guided Math Instruction

Oh my goodness! I dedicated some time today to get caught up on emails, feedback and Q and As and could not have been more touched, flattered, thrilled and proud when I read the above. Much thanks to Elyse for her kind words as well as the over 1,000 teachers who have rated this a 4.0 product!

I have personally loved about how this approach transformed my own teaching of math, but it brings me so much joy to know that other teachers and students are benefiting from it as well.

In honor of this amazingly thoughtful feedback I am sharing my original post from when this product debuted a year ago and am offering the Guide to Organizing and Managing Math Workshop with Guided Math Instruction at a discounted price for a limited time. 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Original Post~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Do you know what my absolute favorite time of the school day is? Math Workshop! In fact, thanks to the Common Core, I'm a bit math obsessed lately. Which is funny to me because, as a student, I personally hated math all through school.  Loathed it in fact.  And if I am being honest, math was also my very least subject to teach for many years. The whole class format of math instruction posed many problems.  It was a struggle to get them engaged and keep their attention. 

Their understanding fell on a spectrum. They ranged from "I'm bored because I already know this yet I have to listen to it anyway" to "I don't have the slightest idea what you are talking about, but if I sit quietly enough you may not notice because Johnny and Susie are using the pattern blocks inappropriately and you're distracted by trying to redirect them."

And then it happened.

I started teaching math the same way I had been teaching language arts and it absolutely changed everything. Kids became engaged and on task at all times. I felt like I really understood each student as an individual mathematician. The classroom was filled with the sound of students having meaningful conversations about math, discussing strategies and learning from each other. Those who needed extra support were receiving it and those who needed a challenge were enriched. Best of all, after a few weeks, the room ran itself.

When I implemented the workshop I developed an acronym using the word "MATH" to set up my rotations. One of my top-selling products is the Math Rotation Board that goes with this acronym. I have long been promising to create an additional resource to detail how to organize and prepare your classroom for math workshop, get the workshop up and running each year, form ability-based and flexible small groups, manage math station rotations, use math tubs on days you are not holding a workshop, lesson plan and more.

I certainly didn't expect the process would take so long, but after about 100 hours of writing, typing, photographing, creating and editing I am incredibly proud to finally present...

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This product is debuting at a discounted rate. I know a lot of you are headed back to school soon and want to get your "ducks in a row" so for a limited time, the Guide to Organizing and Managing Math Workshop with Guided Math Instruction is being offered at 33% off the normal price...a better than even the best sale on TPT.

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