How to Organize Your Leveled Library for Guided Reading

Oh, the classroom library! It is one of those things that I've changed and tweaked many times throughout my career. And I am VERY sure I will continue to change and tweak as the years go on. I've sorted them by guided reading level, by genre, by author, by topic or theme, etc. Depending on the current trend in reading I've resorted them. And I'm sure I'll continue to do so in the years to come!

3 Tips for Organizing Your Classroom Library

1. Kids devour books that are brought in temporarily to go with a current topic of study or seasonal event.

2. It is important to have a leveled library to use for reading instruction regardless of how you organize and manage the bulk of your books.

3. Collections of books need to be easily accessed by you and your students during reader's workshop and reading conferences.

How to Organize Your Classroom Library in 5 Easy Steps

  1. Worked with your class to weed out your current collection of books for the upcoming year. Invite students to offer lots of input about which books they were most interested in and why others were never selected. This will help you to also select new books to purchase when using Scholastic Bonus Points (which, thanks to the book order activity pages, you can have lots and lots to use).
  2. Repair or recycle books that are damaged.
  3. Level the remaining books using an online leveling site. You could have students help you with this during indoor recess.
  4. Sort the books into baskets.
  5. Add new labels to the baskets. Download these FREE labels here!

{Click to Access and Download these FREE printable Leveled Library Book Basket Labels}

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