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When I was planning my classroom makeover I made a list of everything that I had displayed on my classroom walls as well as a list of things I wanted to add. Some were an easy decision, but I was on the fence about adding a new dismissal chart. I’d been coveting the cute ones you see on Pinterest, but wasn’t completely sure it would be a practical way to monitor how my students would be going home. The majority of my kiddos get dismissed the same way each day, but each day there are 3-5 students who travel home an alternate way. I then realized that this type of chart would be ideal for tracking the daily changes and I could have one of my friends manage clearing it as one of our classroom jobs during our morning routine

In the past I used a chart with a column for each day of the week and a row for each dismissal choice. I then listed each child’s name in every column to show how they went home each day. 

The downside was that the names needed to be small and there was no easy way to make changes neatly. Last year I created 5 different charts (one for each day of the week) and attached them together at the top with metal rings (sorry I didn't take a picture before leaving for the summer). Each morning I would flip to the correct day of the week.

I liked that system, but again the problem was making changes when notes and phone calls came in.

I plan to solve that problem by using this chart with clothespins labeled with the students’ numbers. If a child will be going home a different way than usual on a given day I will clip their number on the circle to show how they’ll be going home.

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Do you use a dismissal chart in your classroom?

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