Painted Trash Cans {Classroom Design Photos, Set Up Pictures & Ideas, Organization & Management}

In a post last week I shared how simply sliding a colorful, patterned piece of paper into the literature sorter we use to organize and manage the "work in progress" in my third grade classroom made a big difference in visually enhancing the space. It's those little pops of color and attention to detail that help transform a classroom.

The Guide to Decorating Your Classroom includes many tips for using creating a beautiful learning space on a tight budget using inexpensive supplies. One of my favorite things to use is spray paint and today I want to share a very simple idea you can use to make your classroom look even more cohesive.

While I don't have a before picture, but if you imagine dingy, dirty, boring beige cans then you have an idea of what I started with. Since my classroom color scheme this year is aqua chevron with black and white polka dots and accents of yellow I chose to use those three colors to paint the trash cans. 

If you're feeling extra fancy, you can upstyle them even more by getting crafty with painter's tape. I suggest starting with painting the cans white. After they dry, use the tape to make stripes, dots, chevron, etc. Make sure it is stuck down well and then spray over it with the color of your choice. Once it is dry simply peel off the tape and you'll have a customized trash can that adds detail to your classroom.

If you do plan to spray paint anything I highly recommend using a spray paint nozzle. They easily slide on and off the cans and can be used over and over. It certainly makes the task easier and you don't end up with colorful fingertips.

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