Students thrive on structure and routine and behavior issues decrease when children know what to expect. Are you looking for a way to do this? Schedule cards are the answer! They make it quick and easy for you to create a visual display outlining your day.

This schedule cards display is made up of editable and diverse cards that empower you to choose a schedule that works for your class.

“What’s next?” “When’s lunch” Do you hear this chirping throughout the school day? Communicate the answers nonverbally using schedule cards.

  • Having a visual schedule for children to reference will allow them to predict what will happen next which enables them to feel prepared and secure. 
  • Children are more likely to be engaged, attentive and able to learn when they know what to expect.
  • A classroom schedule establishes routine and structure for your students.
  • It provides students extra practice with telling time.
  • It gives an example of real world application of math.

  • A posted schedule will help you manage time and keep the day progressing as planned.
  • It offers your students opportunities to practice time and elapsed time.
  • It provides you and your students the big picture for the day.

  • It is easy to prepare at the beginning of the year.
  • It will decrease interruptions and behaviors during instructional time because students know what to expect. 
  • It will keep your students engaged during learning experiences.

Print the schedule cards on cardstock and laminate them. 

  1. One option is to use a pocket chart. It makes it very easy to switch the activities around. Hang it a bit lower than normal so that your students can be in charge of changing it up each afternoon. You can leave a bit of space to the left of each schedule card to place small colored cards that can be flipped over as we complete an activity. 
  2. A second option is great if you have a whiteboard that is magnetic. Peel and stick magnets like these on the back of each card. This makes it so easy to move around the cards on the whiteboard. 

Check out these testimonials from teachers who've used it in their classrooms...

I needed to create a visual schedule last minute and couldn't find any that had everything I needed. Most didn't have Spanish which is one of our Specials so the ability to create that with the editable template was a bonus. Everything else I needed was right there. Thanks!
-Andrea H.

LOVE these cards.  My students depend on this schedule every day to see our happenings.  Love that I can edit them to fit our needs and the graphics are adorable.  Thank you!
-Lisa B.

I love that you are able to edit these and that they have appropriate pictures for all different cultures you may have in your classroom!
-Anna R.

I love the amount of time and effort you saved me by creating various tabs for my class schedule. The quality is great and the ease of use is priceless!
-Cheryl H.

I scoured TPT and every resource website for the perfect schedule cards and now I've finally found them! I wanted something where the time was not included on the actual card. The editable cards are perfect for added flexibility.
-Nicole K.

You can read more great feedback from teachers just like you here!

  • 30 Printable Pages + 21 Editable Pages
  • 76 Different Schedule Cards (EDITABLE)
  • 76 Different Schedule Cards (FILLED IN)
  • 6 Different “Kids with Clocks” Analog Clock Time Cards
  • 30 Programmed Digital Time Cards (hour, half hour, quarter hours)
  • Blank Digital Time Schedule Cards 
  • Checkmark Cards
  • Mounting Templates


This analog clock display to show when key times of the day occur provides real-world practice of telling time in a meaningful way.  

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