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As part of the classroom makeover for the new school year I moved our classroom calendar from a full wall display to a smaller bulletin board in the front of the classroom. I like to begin each day with a quick class meeting during which time we go over our schedule for the day, dismissal changes, and review the date on the calendar (and sometimes chat about the number of the day activity, go over the calendar task cards or a daily prompt for attendance). For that reason I find it easiest to have the calendar and schedule all in one place.

This year I made a set of chalkboard schedule cards to match the materials on our work shelf. They are the complete opposite of the ink-saving blackline design cards I originally had because they use a bunch of black ink, however, I fit several of them onto one 8.5x11 inch sheet and sent the PDF to Staples to be printed. Because it doesn’t use color ink it was really cheap to print (less than 10 cents per page) which is a much better option than printing them at home.

My experience has been that all children benefit from knowing what the plan is for the entire day and by having a visual reminder to reference throughout the day. If your students are learning to tell time you'll find it is also helpful to include the time of each even written in both analog and digital form (blank templates for each are included in all bundles). You can also work your daily schedule into mini-lessons during your math workshop/guided math instruction.

There is a comprehensive set of schedule cards included in all of the new classroom theme packets and each of the color scheme mix and match packets as one of the 33 classroom essentials that are included in each bundle for less than .40 cents per product!! Each set includes cards with words and picture cues along with blank digital and analog cards so you have the option of displaying the time with the subject or activity.

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These schedule cards can be accessed and downloaded here.}

This is my new and improved classroom schedule display for next year.
{These schedule cards can be accessed and downloaded here.}

I love using a pocket chart because it is oh-so-easy to switch the activities around. I hung it a bit lower than normal so that my kiddos can be in charge of changing it up each afternoon. I left a bit of space to the left of each schedule card. My plan is to place small colored cards that can be flipped over as we complete an activity. I think this will help some of my friends who always want to know "What's next?" and "When's lunch?" 

And since I'm having a love affair with all things ribbon, I of course added a ribbon border to the pocket chart.

The cards are part of my Blackline Design Classroom Decor Bundle. I was going to copy them onto cardstock (as is the intent of that product line), but this board is already so colorful that I thought it best to "ground it" with some black and white.

This is displayed as part of my calendar / schedule board. I intentionally labeled it with only the analog time. I feel that this, in conjunction with my classroom clock labels and the bathroom sign-out process,  will  offer a good number of real world opportunities to practice telling time.
Plus, I LOVE how it looks. 

  • Telling time on an analog clock is tricky biz. I think it's great to expose the kiddos to it as much as possible.
  • It gives math a real-world purpose.
  • It's fun and colorful.
  • I really like that Donna included ONLY the analog time. My first instinct was to display the digital time next to it, but this forces the kids to start thinking of time in this manner.
  • I love how the words wrap around the clocks.
  • This was created using foam clocks (Target Dollar Spot).  I simply adore 3D elements on the wall.
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