When it comes to setting up and decorating a classroom, I typically suggest colorful bed sheets as the background for all my bulletin boards. I like those because they are large, cost-effective and because the color stays vivid, but mostly because they fold up well and can be used again and again. However, if I am decorating a smaller space, covering a door, or hanging the background on a cinderblock wall, I will often use paper. In these situations, I prefer to use a material that will resist fading from the sun or classroom lighting. In the past, I have purchased the paper from a teacher supply store, but have found a way to buy the paper much cheaper so I wanted to share it with you. Read below to find a money-saving tip!

This blog post will…

offer tips for saving money on bulletin board background paper

Tips for Buying Fadeless Paper

Where to Purchase: Many big name craft stores (Michaels and A.C. Moore to name two) now carry a small line of resources for teachers including bulletin board trims, letters, and background papers. Some even offer full bulletin board sets, name tags and more.

Coupons: What I like about purchasing these items from Michaels and A.C. Moore is that those stores offer weekly coupons of either 40% or 50% off a single product. These coupons can be accessed with a quick click on their website and you don't even need a printed coupon. I just pull it up on my iPhone and show the screen to the cashier. They even accept coupons from their competitions.

Teacher Discount: Both stores offer an additional 15% teacher discount on top of the coupon for teachers. Simply show them your school ID.


  1. The cost of the paper was $8.99.
  2. 40% coupon brought it down to $5.39. 
  3. 15% teacher discount brought it down to $4.58. 


Isn't that a great price for a roll of fadeless paper? Happy Decorating!

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