Easy Back to School Project for the Classroom

Several years ago… back when Pinterest was a new found hobby and not an addiction I can't seem to kick… I saw something similar to this and thought it was oh so cute. I love to keep flowers (sometimes fresh and sometimes faux) in my classroom and since I made over my space with lots of aqua and yellow and black and white polka dots and chalkboard-type things, I figured it was the perfect time to add my coveted pencil vase to the room.  This project is literally as simple as glueing pencils to a container. That's it. This project took me less than 5 minutes. Well maybe 7. I have a tendency to burn my fingers on the glue gun.  Read below to learn how to do it.

This blog post will…

share step-by-step directions on how to do this project
offer 2 ideas to consider when you are doing this project

How to Make a Pencil Vase

  • Purchase or use the following items: A container (jar, can, or vase), pencils, hot glue gun, extra hot glue, ribbon, and flowers (fake or real).
  • Set aside 10 minutes.
  • Use hot glue to stick the pencils all around. I found the easiest way to do it was to put the glue onto the jar and place the pencil onto it rather than putting the glue on the pencil. 
  • After you go all the way around, glue the ribbon on it. (I glued black and white polka dotted ribbon to it and then added two smaller aqua ribbons to coordinate with my room.)


  • I used an empty peanut butter jar because that's what I had. 
  • If you are planning to use fake flowers you can use an can or jar, but if you'll be using real flowers opt for something taller that will hold water well.

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