Start to Save Time by Performing a Time Audit ~Time-Saving Tips for Teachers {A Daily Blog Series: Day 1}

You know that saying, "You need to spend money to make money?"

That's true about time as well.

As we go through the month I am going to be sharing lots of tips that will save you time in the classroom.  In order to make the most of those ideas and really start to find time savers that are going to be beneficial, you'll find it is worth taking a few minutes to identify your strengths, determine exactly what needs to be accomplished on a daily weekly basis, and pinpoint the common obstacles (both people and things) that hinder your efficiency.

Jot down all the tasks that you are responsible for. It is helpful to sort them into related categories in order to consolidate and streamline them in the future.


Make note of the things and people that distract you from taking tasks to completion in a timely manner. Be specific in your notes and thinking. For example, write Facebook or Instagram instead of “social media” and include the times you find yourself checking in. Think about coworkers who pop in to your classroom to chat or a collegue who takes frequently takes grade-level planning meetings off task. Consider technology issues such as fixing a jammed copier, restarting the computer, deailing with printer issues, etc. 

Reflect on your energy levels at different times of the day. Determine when you are most productive and energetic. Focus on identifying the times, locations and situations where you are able to concentrate and complete tasks quickly in comparision to when you are feeling distracted. At the end of the day, highlight the times you were feeling positive (happy, productive, energetic, etc) in yellow and the times you were not (tired, frustrated, overwhelmed, etc) in orange.  You may also want to make note of diet and exersice and the role these play for your personal productivity level.

I mentioned in the series introduction that I would be sharing free resources and printables to complement the tips and ideas shared in these posts. Upon completion, the eBook will be an easy-to-read format that organizes all of the strategies in one place and provides you with printable organizers, labels and more. It is available to download for free on my products page. With each new blog post in the series new pages will be added to the eBook. You can access each new addition by redownloading it.
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