Time-Saving Tips for Teachers {A Daily Blog Series} Introduction

Labor Day weekend is the unofficial end to summer.

While many teachers have been back to school for a few weeks now, Labor Day also signals a return to the rest of the classrooms around the United States for those teachers still holding on to the last bits of summer vacation.  

Now that we're all back to that hectic world of responsibilities and hectic schedules it seems like the perfect time to kick off a brand new daily blog series aimed at providing teachers with tips and ideas to help save valuable time.

One of the greatest obstacles everyone faces is time. This is especially true for teachers for several reasons:
  • much of our day is already accounted for working with students
  • there are countless additional responsibilities placed upon us daily
  • frequently communicating with colleagues and parents is required
  • we need to stay current in our knowledge of a rapidly changing field
  • many unexpected things pop up and need immediate attention 

It is so easy to become overwhelmed.  Many educators are leaving teaching and others are feeling stretched too thin and feeling stressed, tired and “burnt-out” as a result. Effective teaching requires energy and a positive attitude. While many administrative and government-mandated requirements are out of your control, there are numerous ways teachers can save lots of time and function more efficiently which will help to make teaching more enjoyable and will greatly benefit both the teacher and the students.


  • a collection of blog posts dedicated to sharing simple ideas to save you time fulfilling your teaching obligations such as planning, prepping, communicating, assessing, etc. Basically everything outside the instructional time of your school day (Tips for saving precious teaching minutes with the kids will be featured in a future series).
  • a FREE printable eBook that will serve as a reference tool 
  • FREE printable resources and graphic organizers that complement the ideas shared in the series

My hope is that this series will help you to use the time allotted for work as productively as possible and provide you with more personal time to enjoy the things that matter most.

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