Tips for Using Parent Volunteers Outside the Classroom~Time-Saving Tips for Teachers {A Daily Blog Series: Day 8}

Many students come from families with working parents. These parents may want to volunteer, but their schedules do not allow for them to come into the classroom during the school day. By creating a list of tasks that family members can complete at home you will not only help them to feel more involved in their childs’ education, but you will also find this can be a time-saving strategy for you as the teacher.

To really make this an efficient experience you’ll want to look for jobs that can be completed on a regular basis. This means that you will not need to take additional time to explain what needs to be done. Below are some great options for home volunteers.

Sharpening Pencils: Send home packages of new pencils in a large zipper bag. The families can sharpen them at home and return them to school in the bag.

Preparing Book Orders: Volunteers pull the individual catalogs out of the booklet they come in and staple them together with the cover sheet explaining how to order the books. I find it is helpful to attach an envelope labeled with the students name for them to send in the form and money.

Cutting: This is a great task for people to do while watching TV.

Making Playdough: Playdough is a great item to have in all classrooms. Even in third grade I have it available for indoor recess and also use it when exploring many math concepts. 

Laminating: Laminating small items is a great task that parents can do at home. You can purchase a personal laminator and plastic pouches at a low cost (I have had my laminator for years and have shared my love for it here on the blog. It's still going strong and was well worth the investment) for them to keep at their house and simply send home the items as needed. 

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