What Are the Chances You'll Have a Snow Day Tomorrow? {Snow Day Calculator for School Closings}

Today's post won't help you organize or manage your classroom. 

And, I apologize, but it will be of no use to all you Southern folks. 

But for those of you who live in the colder regions and know all about what it is like to do the snow dance, stalk the weather channel and anxiously await that infamous phone call that announces school is closed for the day...this one is for you.

It's just too fun not to share. It's the snowday calculator! After entering your zip code, the # of days your school has already been closed this year and the type of school you teach at, you will be given a percentage letting you know the odds of a weather-related school closing.

We're expecting another BIG storm tomorrow and the calculator tells me we won't have school. I can't wait to see if it's right.

I always regret the snow days in June, but they sure do feel good when you are home in your jammies on a cold winter day.

Plus, today is Superbowl Sunday {click the link to snag a free football printable for grades K-5} and teaching on the day after the Superbowl is always a challenge ranked right up there with a full moon, the day after Halloween and the day before Christmas break. This year our home team is playing so I surely would be trying to teach fractions to a room full of overtired friends with buffalo dip belly aches if school were on so I am Team Snow Day for this one.

And on a related note, here are two cartoon I made for the Clutter-Free Classroom Facebook page last year. Feel free to share them.

Have you had any weather-related closing this year? 

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