How to Remove Sharpie from Hard Surfaces {Teacher Tip}

Another year in third grade is beginning to wind down.  In between field trips, parent conferences, and finishing up end of the year memory book projects I have been trying to find some time to freshen up some of my resources and materials and prepare the space to be a blank slate so it can be set up for a new school year in the fall.

One of the tasks I tackled the other day was removing Sharpie from laminated anchor charts, files, and of course the random spaces on table tops. The job was simple with hand sanitizer. In the photo, the Sharpie is being removed from plastic file tabs. Those numbers have been on there for at least eight years. They didn't wipe off on their own or with water. However, an itty bitty smidge of hand sanitizer had them looking brand new in under 2 minutes.

Most hand sanitizers (or "hanitizers" as they are commonly called in the teaching world) contain alcohol which takes off permanent marker (such as Sharpie). However, the concentration is low enough that it doesn't damage the surface. Just take a tiny bit and rub it directly onto the spot and the marker should wipe away easily.

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