Animal Research Projects, Guided Reports, and Enrichment Activities {Makeover Monday Product Updates}

I'm so appreciative to all the teachers who have supported Clutter-Free Classroom throughout the years and feel it is very important to consistently provide quality resources and materials. I'm pleased to announce that I've been spending time completely updating some of my earlier work to reflect the high standards one can expect when purchasing a product from the CFC Store

If you have purchased this product in the past, you may redownload it and access all of the updates for FREE!  This week's featured "remodeled" product is. . .

And I'm thrilled to tell you that I did not just "update" this one, but instead completely remade it AND tripled the size of the packet. It started as a guided research report that takes the students through the process of brainstorming, researching, note-taking, writing a draft and publishing a final copy. Not only do these pages have a fresh look, but there are now differentiated pages to meet the needs of all your learners and an easy-to-use scoring rubric, PLUS there is now a huge collection of additional activities and posters to choose from as well. You can use any or all with your students.

This packet is great because it can be used over and over again using absolutely any animal at all. The printables in this packet are ideal to use with your entire class in school, as an at-home learning extension project or as a purposeful, open-ended, independent choice for your students who often finish early and need an enrichment activity that is so much more than "busy work."


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