I had no intention of writing a blog post today, but when this deal popped up online I absolutely HAD to take a minute to pass it along. 

{Click here to order this Pencil Sharper from Amazon}

This is by far the best pencil sharpener for the classroom. It's as quiet as a pencil sharpener can be. It's lightning fast which makes it a  teacher time saver. Best of all it sharpens pencils in a way that provides a perfect point that doesn't easily break.

My former neighbor had one and I always bypassed my sharpener and went next door to use the one in her classroom. She moved to a different school and sadly took it with her. 

I've been wanting to order one of my own for awhile and I'm embarrassed to say that the only reason I finally logged on to do so was because the ridiculous hand held sharpener (you know the ones that don't even catch the shavings) I have been using at home for years (sadly I'm not exaggerating) lost a battle with my daughter's crayons and could no longer be used to (sort of) make a point on a pencil. Seriously, a whittling knife would've worked better.

Imagine my delight when I went to finally order the sharpener I've been coveting for years and noticed it was on sale for 55% off. 

Much like when I finally stopped fighting with the oversized construction paper and bought my fabulous paper sorter, I am sure I will kick myself for not getting this sooner.

And while I'm on the subject you may be interested in checking out my older post with free tips for managing pencils in the classroom.

{This post contains Amazon affiliate links, but was written solely because I truly love this product.}

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