Save Time and Money With a Personal Laminator {Deals for Teachers, Classroom Organization}

I have blogged about my personal laminator a few times because I am often asked if I can recommend a brand. I also like to share when I see it is marked down. I'm mentioning it today because there is currently a great deal available for the 8.5 x 11 inch thermal pouches.

I have now owned and LOVED the Scotch Thermal Laminator for several years and it is still working just as great as the day I bought it.

And it has seen  A LOT of use!

I initially hesitated to buy a personal laminator because the school had one, but we didn't have access to it.  If we wanted to make something shiny and durable we needed to be granted permission to do so and then wait for the authorized laminating individual to run it through the machine. Let's be honest, when we print off a new math game or task cards or center and are excited to use them, the last thing we want to do is wait three days until they can be sneezed on and wiped clean. ;)

The laminator is super light so it's easy to bring to and from school. I ultimately bought a second one so I wouldn't need to bring it back and forth and I always stock up on laminating pouches whenever they are on sale. The ones listed above are currently discounted with free Prime shipping so I thought they were worth sharing.

I found that having my own laminator and buying pouches when they are on sale actually saved me money and certainly saved me time. In addition to the laminator making my resources more durable, the kids always took more care when using them because they felt much fancier. I loved not needing to reprint color cards, small charts and games each year because they stood up to even the most fidgety hands.

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And in case you are arrived safely and has been rocking my world as I hoped. ;)

Please Note: This is NOT a paid/sponsored post, but does include affiliate links. I only recommend teacher tools I use myself and thoroughly find to be useful. I was in no way compensated by either company for my endorsement of these products.

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