Weekly News and Updates from The Clutter-Free Classroom {Issue 1}

The fun of the holidays and family vacations has kept me busy since November. I loved the time spent with family and friends, but am so ready to jump back into routines. While I have not been as present on the forefront, I have been working hard behind the scenes and have some really great stuff planned for you for 2016. 

You'll notice the banner below reads, "blogs" and not "blog." That's because I am in the process of preparing a couple sister-sites for The Clutter-Free Classroom. I really want to keep this blog focused more on providing teachers with free quality content to help them organize and manage their classrooms. The new sites will house specific academic area tips and resources and content specific to homeschooling families. Also, I am extremely excited to start offering free advice and helpful resources to teachers who are, or are thinking about, becoming "teacherpreneurs." 

Enjoy your last day of winter break. I hope you are all feeling rejuvenated and energized to return to teaching tomorrow.

  • SNOWMEN ~ The thematic theme of the week was Snowmen. Check out that post if you are looking for book titles, craft ideas and resources with a snowman theme. 
  • ANNOUNCMENT ~ I announced that the new blog post series about Classroom organization, management, storage, decor and more for the new year that start tomorrow. Check out the post to find out how to follow my store so you don't miss any of the related flash freebies.

  • GROWTH MINDSET ACTIVITIESInvesting time to help the children you work with develop a growth mindset will not only improve your classroom environment, but will be one of the longest-lasting and beneficial ways you can impact your students’ future successes. This resource includes tips for teachers as well as three different activities you can use to help foster a growth mindset.
  • STEM / STEAM JOURNALS TO USE WITH ANY CHALLENGE: These journals were designed to make it easy for teachers to provide students with hands-on, critical thinking activities. They were designed to walk students through the engineering design process, be low-prep and useable with any STEM challenge.

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