Why is Clutter a Problem?

Most teachers have some extra “stuff” in their classroom. Some teachers have A LOT of extra stuff in their classroom. Regardless of the level of messiness, all teachers can benefit from clearing out all the excess resources and the things that are not serving a purpose…the stuff known as “CLUTTER”…and work towards creating an organized classroom.

Clutter is anything teachers keep in their classrooms that doesn’t add value to their teaching, their students’ learning or the overall school experience. A teacher’s list of things to do never ends and time is one of the greatest obstacles of the profession. Clutter makes a teacher’s job harder by zapping energy and causing her to waste a lot of valuable time looking for things she can’t locate.

Decluttering not only frees up space in the classroom, but allows a teacher to focus her attention and energy on what is really important…teaching! Think about your teaching space for a few minutes. Where are you at right now? Is your classroom simplified or in need of a total overhaul? Analyzing the magnitude of the task ahead will prevent you from becoming overwhelmed once you get started and help to ensure your success.

{Day 1: Getting Started}

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