This fun holiday resource is SUPER POPULAR as a Christmas gift for your students to make for their families, but teachers have reported that they love using it for other holidays and as gifts for parent volunteers as well. 

It will quickly become a favorite annual project and your students’ families will surely thank you! It is one of my favorite creations of all time and something I cherish using in my own house with my three children as it really helps us stay connected when life gets busy.

Every December I would struggle to come up with an idea for holiday gifts that my students could make for their families. Some of the obstacles I faced included:

  • TIME As you well know, teachers have a lot to cram into each day and while I fully support taking time from "academics" to fit in extra activities that the students will remember most, it is not always possible to do so.
  • COST I had taken on projects with students in prior years that ended up costing me more money (I didn't have to spend) than I had anticipated.
  • LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY Even before Pinterest, I took on projects that seemed simple, but in reality, left me pulling my (glitter-sprinkled) hair out.
  • THE NEED TO PRODUCE MULTIPLE GIFTS Many of my students came from non-traditional homes and would, therefore, need to produce more than one gift so they could give something to their mom and dad or grandparents.
  • MEETS DIVERSE NEEDS Not all of my students celebrated the same holiday so I needed to come up with something that was versatile and not holiday specific. 
I personally could not be more thrilled with how this solution met all of my needs as a teacher, but...

What I am most excited about has been the feedback from families. 
It can be so hard to find a Christmas gift craft for your students to make for their parents. Take a look at this fun and easy Christmas gift to make for parents from the Clutter Free Classroom. #christmasgiftideas #holidaygiftideas #dinnerconversationstarters #giftsfromstudents #giftsforparents #clutterfreeclassroom #cfclassroom

  • Children LOVE being about to give the people they love presents, but often do not have the means to do so.
  • When families use this gift night after night it allows the students to be the center of positive attention from the important adults in their lives.
  • The questions elicit VERY meaningful responses from the children. This allows parents to gain so much insight they otherwise would not have into what is going on in their childrens' lives. 
  • It strengthens the home <--> school connection. When parents and teachers work as a team, all students benefit.
  • All too often kids leave school with one gift they have made and are forced to make the difficult decision of who to give it to if they are not living in a two-parent home. The ease of creating more than one gift allows students to create them for all of the important adults in their lives.

  • Unlike a craft that will be tucked away, hundreds of parents have reported how much they LOVE this gift because it brings the family closer together.
  • It is the perfect combination of NO PREP, LOW COST MATERIALS and EASY TO DO yet more valuable than any other gift you could have your kids make.
  • It can be created as an "ongoing project." This makes it the perfect activity for the hectic month of December in an elementary classroom. You can use it as a filler activity throughout the month.

Make sure to grab this Christmas gift idea for parents from the Clutter Free Classroom! This Christmas gift craft is an inexpensive Christmas gift from students. This dinner conversation starters resource is a great Christmas gift  to make for parents. f#christmasgiftideas #holidaygiftideas #dinnerconversationstarters #giftsfromstudents #giftsforparents #clutterfreeclassroom #cfclassroom

As mentioned above, it is low-cost, super easy to prep, and accessible to all your students, however, what you are REALLY going to LOVE about this resource is the feedback you will get from your students' families.

I was shocked by how many families took the time to write me a note or mention in person just how much they were enjoying the conversation starters.

Even now, years after having my first cohort make them, I have families mention that they still keep them on the table and other families have told me that the conversation starters trained them on how to ask their kids meaningful questions instead of just, "How was your day?"

Great news...It's so easy to incorporate into the your busy days.

I found it best to make copies and staple them together into packets for each student. This was helpful because it kept all the pages organized until it was time to cut them out.

Have your students work on them as time allows, or sit and do it in one session.

Give each student a paper lunch sack to decorate. Place the gift inside.

Check out these testimonials from teachers who've used it in their classrooms...
I used this for my holiday gift this year and both the kids and parents loved it. We had fun making it and heard from some families that they have really enjoyed dinner lately! Thank you!!! - Jody B. 

My kids were SO excited to have something that THEY could surprise their families with for Christmas! I love that this was CHEAP, EASY, and most of all not something that would get tossed after the new year started! Fantastic idea, thank you so much:) 
- Holly H.

I'm using this to help my English learners to speak more at home with their families.  What a fun way to get everyone involved! 
- Jill P.

These are great! I love the topics and questions. It is also a great way to promote communication skills. 
- Gina

I used this as a holiday gift for families in my second grade class and it was a huge hit!  What a great way to get families talking!
- Jennifer A.

You can read more great feedback from teachers just like you here!

  • 20 Printed Question Cards {Choice of 2 Fonts}
  • Blank Cards for Students to Write Their Own Questions
  • Choice of 5 Labels {draw, write, and/or color}
  • Lid Cover Decorations with a lovely quote about Family
  • Letter to slip into the can to explain what it is for
  • Printable Letter Requesting Donations (Pringles cans, gift wrap, etc)

Are you looking for holiday gift ideas for students to make for their parents? Check out this fun and cheap present idea that can be used as a Christmas gift from students from the Clutter Free Classroom. #christmasgiftideas #holidaygiftideas #dinnerconversationstarters #giftsfromstudents #giftsforparents #clutterfreeclassroom #cfclassroom

This bundle of December activities from Clutter Free Classroom includes 8 holiday activity resources for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th grade students. Most are no prep and all are engaging and fun. If you need ideas for Christmas, Gingerbread, and more check this out!

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