Substitute Teacher Tips

Being a substitute teacher is hard! You enter a classroom without knowing the students, their learning needs, backgrounds, or personalities. You are not familiar with the classroom routines and behavior management strategies and tools. This. Is. Hard. Thank you, on behalf of all teachers, for all that you do to keep our students safe and happy while we are unable to tend to them. You make a difference for our students.

It can be really hard working as a substitute teacher. The Clutter-free Classroom has a whole blog post geared towards substitute teachers. They’re sharing outfit ideas, what to keep in your bag, and classroom management. I can definitely use their ideas for activities to do with elementary students.  If you’re a sub you need to read this blog! #substituteteacher #teachertips #elementaryteaching

This blog post will...
  • suggest classroom management strategies
  • recommend 5 activities to keep in your "teaching toolbox"
  • offer tips and tricks to help you have a successful day every day you sub

What to do the First 5 Minutes to get Students to Respect You as a Substitute Teacher
The first five minutes will determine how the rest of your day goes. Make the most of this time! Remember to do the following things to ensure you have a smooth day:
  • Introduce yourself and write your name on the board.
  • Introduce and practice an attention getter that you will use throughout the school day.
  • Take attendance saying each child’s name, making eye contact with them, and smiling.
  • Explain that the day will run a little bit differently because their teacher isn’t there, but you are confident that with their help, the day will run smoothly and their teacher will be very happy.
  • Offer an incentive like free choice or a game at the end of the day to motivate students to behave appropriately. Clearly explain your behavior system and the expectations in order to get the incentive.

5 Activities and Ideas for Substitute Teachers to have Handy
Have you finished up a lesson early and you have 10 minutes left before special or lunch?  You have a room full of students who are looking to you to figure out what to do.  Try one of these activities to help you if you get stuck in this type of situation!
  • Guess My Number: Pick a number. Give students a range of where the number falls with. If students are in Kindergarten, I might say the range is 0-10. If students are in third grade, on the other hand, I might say the range is 0-1,000. Students are trying to guess the number.  When a student guesses a number, you either say higher or lower. They need to use their number sense skills to solve.
  • Word Maker: Invite students to work in small groups. Give each group a piece of paper. Put letters (e.g. 4 consonants and 2 vowels) on the board and ask students to make as many words as they can in a set amount of time. The group that creates the most amount of words wins.
  • Alphabetical Order: Do this activity as a whole group. Write a list of words on the board and ask students to put them in alphabetical order.
  • Pictionary: This is a vocabulary game. Split the class into two teams (e.g. boys and girls).  Invite one person from a team up to the board. Give them a grade appropriate vocabulary word (e.g. stem in first grade and division in third grade) and have them draw a picture of it.  Their team has to try and guess what vocabulary word the person is drawing.  Time how long it takes them.  Have the other team go next.
  • Hangman: Pick a word, draw a line for each letter, and invite students to guess letters they think may go on the lines.  The goal is to guess the word before drawing a full stick figure person. 
  • Read Aloud: Read a picture book aloud to students.  Stop and ask questions as you go through the book.

What to Keep in Your Substitute Teacher Bag
  • Water bottle
  • Healthy snacks
  • A sweater
  • A book
  • Extra pencils
  • Cell phone (on but on silent mode)

How to Be a Prepared Substitute Teacher
  • Show up 15 minutes early.
  • Dress appropriately.
  • Bring enthusiasm and a positive attitude.
  • Have a toolbox of classroom management strategies.
  • Keep a toolbox of no-prep high engagement activities in case the students finish the day’s work early.

Classroom Management Skills and Strategies for Substitute Teachers
  • Introduce and practice an attention getter.
  • Explain your behavior system at the beginning of the day.
  • Offer an incentive for the students to earn at the end of the day.
  • Use parallel praise, which means you praise students who are making good choices rather than highlighting students who are not making good choices.

How to Be a Requested Substitute Teacher
One way to be a highly requested substitute teacher is to leave a detailed note covering an overview of the day, what was not accomplished from the sub plans, comments about positive behavior, and document any specific behavior challenges. Thank the teacher for sharing their students with you and explain how you look forward to visiting again soon.

A second way to be a highly requested substitute teacher is to say YES! “We know it is super last minute, but would you be able to come in and sub for Mrs. D?” YES! “Are you able to come in the Friday before vacation?” YES! “Are you able to come in the day before winter vacation?” YES!

A third way is to stop in the office before you leave, sincerely thank the secretaries with a warm smile, and exclaim that you enjoyed working with Mrs. D’s class. You may even want to ask if there are any days coming up that you can help with.

Outfit Ideas for Substitute Teachers
Every school has its own culture and, as a result, it’s own unspoken dress code.  As a substitute teacher, your best bet is to dress business casual.  This could look like dress pants and a modest top or perhaps a dress.

One important tip is to think comfort! You want to have the flexibility to sit on the ground with students to listen to them read and walk students across the school to their special.  As a substitute teacher, you need be prepared to be active; however, it is important to look professional at the same time.

I wish I had known some of these substitute teacher tips a long time about. This blog post talks about how subs can handle classroom management and become the most requested substitute teacher. After reading the post I am going to start keeping certain items in my bag so I am always ready to go. Other substitute teachers will love some of their outfit ideas too! #substituteteacher #subplans #teachertips


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